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How To Hide Recommended Posts On Tumblr

Recently, I created a Tumblr (again). I won’t be able to find all the cool stuff on just Twitter and Youtube. The first thing I noticed is that “recommended” blog posts will flood the dashboard even though I didn’t follow the sources. I could not delete them from view or turn them off through a settings menu. Some users suggested installing the XKit extension, which is only available on Chrome (I use Firefox).

AMD ReLive Drivers Suck

I purchased the AMD RX 480 video card last year and have been mostly pleased with it. I originally intended to purchase an Nvidia card, but a friend suggested this card on the basis that AMD would perform well with DX12 games released in the future. The price was a bit more than what I usually pay for new parts, but its performance is also quite a bit more than what I usually get with new parts.